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Innovation requires constant improvement, which can mean potential production downtime to implement changes, or worse, prove to be a great idea gone bad. Imagining those potential process line changes in a way that yields reliable conclusions can mean reduced risk, and increased uptime.

Engineering and commissioning for new product lines are often the most expensive parts of the total costs. Offline programming and virtual commissioning makes it possible to design, troubleshoot and optimize new production and train staff without disrupting current production.

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Customer and industry need 

Data aren’t enough; there’s no line chart or probability guesstimate that can take the place of literally seeing a proposed change operating, in 3D, along with the entire processes it might impact. It’s knowing the difference between what should work, and what will work. 

Today food and beverage makers need to produce smaller lots of greater product and package variety, and in increasingly shorter cycles. Engineering efficiency becomes a critical skill to flexibly adapt and keep pace with the markets while maintaining productivity, quality and uncompromised safety. 

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ABB Ability™ solutions

ABB Ability solutions for manufacturing enable 3D process modeling in which a robot can be programmed, connected with the automation network, and all of its movements tested in a virtual world. At the plant level, control system simulation allows seamless extension of DCS to test and verify changes before they are implemented.

ABB Ability RobotStudio is the industry benchmark for off-line programming and virtual commissioning. It allows realistic simulations based on actual ABB robot operating software to visualize the results of programming and configuration without costly disruptions on the plant floor.

ABB and ABB Ability portfolio highlights:

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Robust data-driven simulation with ABB Ability™ solutions for manufacturing, grounded in deep hardware expertise, translates into more innovation with less risk.

ABB Ability™ RobotStudio can help reduce product cycles and shorten changeover and launch times, ensuring that new offerings ramp-up to full speed and that productivity is faster and with fewer risks or surprises.

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