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EV infrastructure networks and operators are confronted with significant initial investments in infrastructure while the short term revenue streams from charge sessions are variable. Additionally, this emerging and ever-changing market demands a continuous adaptation of business models and updated infrastructure software that provides new usability features to EV drivers.

Customer and industry need 

EV infrastructure networks and operators must find an IT setup and operation model that allows them to offer the highest EV driver comfort and network availability at minimal cost, without compromising on flexibility and scalability, while competitively maintaining high network uptime. These challenges often have to be handled by a small or growing organization with limited in-house resources available for network operation and service.

Integrating remote service features into the charging station reduces operator investment in customized software development, which is also difficult to maintain and scale. With hardware and software well-integrated, the operator does not have the burden of unplanned maintenance updates added to the scope of the B2C platform.

Network uptime needs to be ensured by an operations team that must manage and resolve any and all issues for every individual charger in the shortest possible time. This capability can add operational costs, especially when the network is still small to medium sized with limited opportunity for scale.

ABB Ability™ solutions

ABB Ability™ EV Charging solutions support a variety of needs. They allow to connect thousands of chargers to a highly redundant cloud platform. 24/7 managed network operation centers monitor the connectivity between charger and the customer B2C platform. Advanced digital services include remote configuration, software updates, diagnostics and troubleshooting to maximize charger availability with a minimum of on-site visits. Charger Care with in-house resources or third party service providers perform advanced service work such as commissioning, remote diagnostics and repair.

Infrastructure providers have full flexibility to choose the most suitable operation and service model based on their specific needs by integrating with any B2C platform and/or in parallel using a combination of ABB web tools and APIs.

ABB and ABB Ability™ portfolio highlights:

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Infrastructure providers can minimize investments in own IT infrastructure and software solutions, thus enjoying less on-site work and faster time to repair, reducing total cost of ownership. The fully scalable setup that can adapt over time to ever-changing operation and service models.