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Casting Parts

From parts such as engine block, cylinder head, subframe, to aluminum wheels or car body parts ABB has developed a deep know-how on the manufacturing processes to supply solutions based on an extensive use of robots covering high pressure die casting, gravity and low pressure casting and sand core casting.

High pressure die casting
ABB provides complete automation solutions to optimize the performance of small, medium and large die casting machines. ABB together with partners such as machine builders and system integrators, provides solutions for die-spraying, extracting die-cast parts, deburring and deflashing, and waterjet cutting of die-cast parts.

Gravity and low pressure casting
In low pressure foundries, ABB robots are used extensively in a wide range of applications from casting to coating and palletizing of the wheels.

Precision casting
Precision Casting is used to produce parts with high precision in details. Robot automation reduce production cycle times through insertion, feeding and dipping the parts in the process.

Sand casting
ABB offers a comprehensive range of foundry-proven robots designed for sand casting applications such as handling and gluing. 

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