Electrical CAD Engineer - INOPC PG Chennai

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As a Electrical CAD Engineer for INOPC PG you will be part of Operation Center in India (INOPC-PG), aiming to develop a global value chain, where key business activities, resources and expertise are shared across geographic boundaries in order to optimize value for ABB customers across markets. It provides high quality engineering and commissioning support to Business Units and Center of Excellence across the ABB world. This is an important step from ABB’s Global Foot Print strategy. PS Operation Center Services are System design, Primary side design, Secondary side design, Sourcing, Installation and commissioning.

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As a Electrical CAD Engineer for INOPC PG you will be responsible for

1. Preparation of cubicle (Control & Protection) drawings.
2. Preparation of Manufacturing documents for cubicles.
3. Preparation of Junction box drawings.
4. E3 tool library components design
5. Single Line diagram and Protection block diagram preparation
6. Purchasing of cubicles, cables, Junction boxes, Battery system etc..
7. Co-ordination with other departments ( Mech. / Control / System Design)
8. Validation of the time schedule for assignments.
9.Review of vendor drawings.
10. As Built Drawings preparation
Diploma in Electrical & Electronics with 2 - 5 Yrs of Exp.
Additional information:
Any further information required, please feel free to email to hellen.jasmine@in.abb.com
Chennai,Tamil Nadu,India
Contract type:
Business Unit:
Business Unit Grid Integration
Date posted:
Job function:
Design and Engineering
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ABB (www.abb.com) is a leading global technology company in power and automation that enables utility, industry, and transport & infrastructure customers to improve their performance while lowering environmental impact. The ABB Group of companies operates in roughly 100 countries and employs about 135,000 people.

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