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Menu 26.01. - 30.01.2015


Minestrone (J)

Turkey escalope (fo, J), served with cream sauce (H)

Swabian noodles (A,C) or french fries

Curd with berries (H)


Tomato soup (J)

Stuffed pork loin (p), served with gravy (J)

Mashed potatoes (H) or noodles (A,C)

1 piece of fruit


Kohlrabi soup (H)

Swedish ground beef pot (mincemeat (be) and white cabbage)

Tagliatelle (A,C) or potatoes

Mocha pudding (H)


Cornmeal cream soup (H)

Turkey goulash (fo, J)

Special german noodles (A,C) or pepper risotto

Natural yoghurt (H) with strawberry puree


Vegetable soup (H,J)

Pollack filet (A,D), served with lemon sauce (H)

Rice or parsley potatoes

Stewed apples

Menu  02.02. - 06.02.2015


Green spelt soup (J)

A pair of vienna sausages (po,J,L), served with mustard (L), lentils (J) and swabian noodles (A,C)

1 piece of fruit


Parsnips cream soup (H)

Pork roast (po) in a mustard - herbs crust (L), served with gravy (J)

Riced potatoes or noodles (A,C)

Peach curd (H)


Spinach cream soup (H)

Backed chicken leg (fo), served with barbecue sauce (L)

French fries or rice

Brussels truffle cream (F,H,I)


Lentil soup (J)

Stripes of beef (be) „Stroganoff“, served with onions and gherkins

Bread dumplings (A,C,H) or swabian noodles (A,C)

Natural yoghurt (H) with crunchy muesli (A,C,H)


Curry vegetable soup (A,J,L)

Battered pollack (A,C,D,H), served with tomato sauce

Parisienne potatoes or rice

Chocolate semolina (H)

In addition to the main menu, we daily offer a soup, different pasta variations, fresh salads as well as vegetables and fresh desserts.
Subject to modifications! We use iodized salt!

po = pork; be = beef; ve = veal; la= lamb; fo= fowl


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