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Industries and utilities

Utilities and industry are under pressure from volatile energy costs. There are many opportunities to improve energy efficiency which provide cost savings and other competitive advantages. Many of these solutions pay for themselves in months, and often provide additional benefits such as reduced maintenance costs and improved environmental performance.

Securing a competitive advantage

Power utilities

Power plants consume 5 percent of the electricity they generate. This can be cut by 10 to 30 percent by optimizing operations and auxiliary systems using sophisticated control systems and energy-efficient equipment. In transmission and distribution, ABB technologies enable more power to travel over existing networks and reduce power losses.

Other industries

ABB can improve industrial energy efficiency at facilities ranging from the most energy-intensive process plants to factories engaged in discrete manufacturing, in harmony with your existing processes and support systems. ABB helps customers through modern control solutions, automation products and electrical equipment. These technologies are complimented by ABB’s specialists, capable of helping you understand where and how you use energy, and then developing and implementing solutions that produce measurable savings.

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