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Energy efficiency for the mining industry

Mine operators today face a very tough business and policy environment. Market and commodity price uncertainty, coupled with higher costs, prolific regulation and increasingly remote locations are all raising the importance of doing more with less.

Energy as a profitability driver

Every mine is different, but all face a common challenge: maintaining productivity, safety and profitability while coping with higher labor, equipment and energy costs. An increased focus on fiscal and environmental policy and carbon taxation also adds to the energy burden.

Energy for primary processes and support systems such as ventilation can be more than 15 percent of the costs for a mining operator. And new mine development costs from electrification and water to worker housing and transportation from pit to port continue to rise. As the cost of using energy becomes increasingly expensive, more and more mine operators are focusing on the impact of energy cost on their bottom line.

A comprehensive portfolio of power and automation solutions

ABB has a wide range of solutions to improve the energy efficiency of underground and open-pit mines, including ventilation, materials transport, minerals processing, and energy intensive auxiliary systems such as water pumping. In addition to reducing energy costs and environmental impact, many of these solutions can help extend the service life and reliability of existing assets, which reduces the need for capital investments. And they provide additional operational benefits such as improved productivity and safety.

ABB solutions for the mining industry

ABB is a world leading provider of solutions for the entire mining value chain, including applications for material handling, open pit and underground mining and mineral processing as well as infrastructure.