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Digital power supply

Enabling a stronger, smarter, and greener grid

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ABB technology is driving a digital revolution in power supply, with a growing portfolio of products ready to help power providers meet the world’s increasingly complex energy requirements.

From digitally enabled transmission and substation hardware to the software to manage, run, and optimize it, our solutions are helping to make power distribution smarter, safer, and more efficient:
  • ABB Ability™-powered software is helping providers monitor, control, and optimize electrical distribution systems, creating new Smart Grids with the responsive flexibility needed to integrate decentralized, renewable energy sources into the larger grid system.
  • Our HVDC Light® technology provides up to 50% higher transmission capacity than DC transmission, making possible transcontinental grids and further enabling a global energy economy.
  • The cloud-based ABB Ability™-Electrical Distribution Control System is an innovative solution for digitalizing low voltage distribution systems. Communications and monitoring modules integrated into low voltage devices provide precise real-time and archived performance and power consumption data, far in excess of that available from conventionally measured current, voltage, rated power and power consumption values. Furthermore, the same modules can be used to adjust various device parameter settings. This makes it very easy to gather and analyze data, as well as monitor and control your plant. Operating cost savings of as much as 30% can be achieved by applying these innovations.

ABB’s portfolio of digitalized power-distribution solutions puts power providers, businesses, and even homeowners in control. Our ABB Ability™-enabled technology lets you know more, do more, and do better with your present infrastructure, enhancing control, oversight, and safety, while reducing total cost of ownership and delivering value to your customers and stakeholders. 

In all, digitalizing your power supply can lead to:

  • Up to 10% cost savings in electrical infrastructure
  • Up to 20% reduced time to operational readiness
  • Up to 50% time savings thanks to easy cross-wiring

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