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Smart Manufacturing

Digitalization for new opportunities

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As manufacturers across all industries face skills shortages, rising raw-material costs, increased market competition and ever-stricter environmental regulations, ABB is delivering the software, systems, services and digitally enabled hardware to help our customers lead the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

ABB Ability™ is a full portfolio of digital solutions for all industrial applications that draws on ABB’s profound sector knowledge and 40 years of expertise in the digital sector. From flexible robotics and drives to virtual commissioning and predictive maintenance solutions, ABB Ability™ is enabling quantum leaps in the planning, execution and management of manufacturing processes.

  • Virtual-commissioning tools such as RobotStudio® and SafeMove2 provide a virtual, collaborative environment to help teams identify and address operational issues in automated processes prior to setup.

  • The operations data management software zenon increases your knowledge of your operations’ performance by serving as an easy, intuitive reporting interface for integrated processes.

  • The pocket-sized ABB Ability™ Smart Sensor provides cloud-enabled status analysis of electric motors to reduce unplanned downtime by 70%, extend motor lifetime up to 30% and improve energy efficiency up to 10%.

  • ABB Ability™ Connected Services connect robots, machines and automation equipment to the cloud to improve uptime, accelerate issue resolution and extend equipment lifetime.

With ABB’s portfolio of digitally enabled products, manufacturers are writing a future where risk is reduced, resources are utilized with maximum efficiency, humans are spared dangerous and repetitive tasks, and cloud-driven connectivity drives new levels of quality and performance.

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