Current and historical credit ratings for ABB Ltd

Standard & Poors and Moody's currently provide the following long-term and short-term corporate and credit ratings. These credit ratings are subject to revision at any time.

Long-term Short-term Outlook Last confirmation
Moody's A2 Prime-1* Stable Jun 2013
Standard & Poor's A A-1 Stable Sep 2013
* ABB Ltd's financing subsidiaries have also a Prime-1 rating, with the exception of ABB Capital B.V.which has a Prime-2 rating. 

Corporate Credit Rating History

Long-term Short-term Outlook Rating Action Date
Moody's A2 Prime-1 Stable Jun 2011
A3 Prime-2 Stable Jan 2008
Baa1 Prime-2 Stable Dec 2006
Baa3 Prime-3 Stable Apr 2006
Lont-Term Short-Term Outlook Rating Action Date
Standard & Poor's A A-1 Stable Jun 2010
A- A-2 Stable Apr 2007
BBB+ A-2 Stable May 2006
BBB- A-3 Positive Apr 2006

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