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High Performance

As utility distribution systems and industrial control systems become smarter, utilities and industrial companies are faced with massive amounts of data from a wide range of applications.

This data must be collected, analyzed, and in some cases, used to generate automated responses such as opening a switch before or closing a valve before the system hits overload.

Utilities and industrial companies must consider the requirements of all applications in aggregate in order to define the superset of application requirements that the communication network must support. Performance – bandwidth, latency and total capacity in particular – is a key element that must be evaluated for each application. Considering these metrics in aggregate, utilities and industrial companies can define requirements for their communication network.

TropOS networks deliver the multi-megabit bandwidth, millisecond latency and massive capacity required by the most demanding utility and industrial control applications. TropOS networks can deliver more than 10 Mbps throughput at each mesh router with less than 1 ms latency per mesh hop, supporting multiple current and future applications. Further, TropOS networks have proven that they have the capacity to transfer 1+ TB of data per day. TropOS networks can simultaneously support many data intensive and/or latency sensitive applications.

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