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TropOS networks are based on a fully distributed mesh architecture. With no centralized controller, the TropOS mesh architecture eliminates single-points-of-failure, performance bottlenecks and unnecessary network traffic. The architecture’s distributed intelligence dynamically selects the optimal end-to-end paths through the network by evaluating multiple RF links, channels and bands. It also performs functions such as advanced RF resource management, VLAN enablement, and security and QoS policy enforcement. The TropOS mesh architecture is self-organizing, simplifying deployment of new networks and enabling ease in expanding existing ones.

Designed to deliver superior capacity, resiliency, security and scalability, the TropOS mesh architecture utilizes decentralized distributed intelligence that enables each TropOS mesh router to make intelligent coordinated routing and airtime management decisions in real time, maximizing bandwidth and system performance.

The TropOS mesh architecture is based on open-standard IP networking and radios. A common physical infrastructure can be leveraged to support multiple applications. The TropOS mesh architecture is built on field-proven technology that includes TropOS’ outdoor optimized routers; the patented Tropos Mesh OS built from the ground-up for large scale, mission critical networks; and SuprOS, a carrier-class wireless network management system. It economically and seamlessly extends networks and systems from offices and equipment yards into the field, improving operational efficiency and enabling new services.

In summary, TropOS networks are uniquely capable of delivering the coverage, capacity, performance, reliability, security and scalability required in a wireless IP communications infrastructure. TropOS mesh routers have been installed in the field since 2002. They are used by more than 1,000 customers in more than 50 countries around the world.


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