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Temperature cables & wires
Mineral insulated cable

Dear ladies and gentlemen,

As a part of strategic considerations, ABB and WIKA have decided that the WIKA Group will take over the mineral insulated temperature cable operations of ABB’s Measurement & Analytics Business Unit.

For this reason you will now find all information regarding the cables products via this link.


Mineral insulated cables have an outer sheath of metal with 2 to 8 inner conductors. The insulation material is made from a highly compressed metal-oxide powder (preferably MgO or Al2O3).
Mineral insulated thermocouple cables have inner conductors of thermocouple base material. Mineral insulated cables for RTDs have inner conductors of copper, copper-nickel alloys, nickel, nickel-chromium or nickel-plated copper.
Mineral insulated cables are designed for high-temperature applications and are used wherever there are particularly strict requirements with regard to mechanical, chemical and electrical stability.