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FlexLoader™ FP 200

FlexLoader FP 200 is the fastest feeder in the FlexLoader family, built for very short cycle times

It’s at its best when handling smaller workpieces, up to approximately 70 mm and 0.5 kg, sizes that can also be handled by FlexLoader FP 300. The difference is that FlexLoader FP 200 is designed for applications with an especially great need for speed. It’s set up for use with several both 6-axis and IRB 360 FlexPicker robot to ensure optimal adaptation to different needs. With the right robot, cycle time can be reduced to about 0.5 seconds.

FlexLoader FP 200 can also be installed with conveyor tracking, which synchronizes the robot’s picking action with the speed of the conveyor belt, reducing time even further.
  • Replaces traditional bowl feeders
  • Ideal when speed is important
  • Can be equipped with 6-axis or IRB 360 FlexPicker robot

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