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Welcome to the ABB’s Power talk

Listen to ABB’s world leading experts when they talk about a number of interesting and important topics on power products and power systems.

Our podcasts will cover aspect that are of most importance today for the power industry such as grid stability, environmental aspects, reliability and quality of power production, transmission and distribution. Future aspects such as digitalization and the fast introduction of renewable energy sources will of course be a part of the ABB’s Power talk series.

Welcome to meet the experts from the High Voltage Academy guided by our host Marie Dahlblom talking about transformer losses.
Next part will follow soon.

Marie Dahlblom and Tomas Olsson in the Power talk studio
Power Quality

What is good power quality when the base demands of availability and reliability are already met?
The technology development such as renewable energy sources connected to the grid and more complex grid interconnections provides great benefits for the environment and the power capacity. However, this development also creates new challenges for us to keep and improve the power quality.
Take the opportunity to listen to Håkan Rörvall, Principal Engineer harmonic filters and applications at ABB High Voltage Products and Shane Hutchinson, System Studies Manager at ABB FACTS when they discuss the complexibility of power quality and how to tackle todays and future challenges.

Transformer losses

What are the losses worth? Nothing you might say.
Well, in the world of transformers, the losses are way too high to ignore. Both when it comes to costs for the operators and consumers as well as the environmental impact.
Take the opportunity to listen to Tomas Olsson, senior expert at ABB Power Transformers. He will explain the basic function of transformers, how losses occur and what we can do to reduce them.

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