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Energy management and efficiency for buildings

Buildings account for the largest share of energy consumed in most cities. Opportunities exist to make them more efficient, as well as to intelligently control their energy use, for example through the automatic adjustment of window blinds when the sun is too intense and by linking lighting and air conditioning to occupancy.  And since buildings have a considerable amount of thermal storage, they can be pre-warmed or cooled in advance of higher electricity prices to reduce costs and help balance out energy demand.  

ABB offers energy efficiency solutions such as variable speed drives which can dramatically reduce the energy required to run air conditioning.  Variable speed drives can reduce HVAC costs by 20 to 50% (more in some cases).

ABB also offers full building automation solutions to intelligently control everything window shutters to lighting, heating and cooling in response to weather, occupancy and energy prices as well.  Lighting control systems can deliver power savings of up to 50 percent, and building automation up to 60 percent. In addition, building automation solutions cover building security and communications access.

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