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RTU520 product line

Intuitive insight for distribution systems


Distribution automation product for power grids. Interface with your SCADA to obtain a complete understanding of the status of your grid on a distribution level with RTU520. Allowing for the simple integration of renewables into your excising networks. Low power consumption saves costs for uninterruptible power supply and makes your installation greener. Highly customizable design enables the adaptation of input and output modules based on your application requirements.

Your benefits

  • Efficient footprint allows to fit the RTU520 into small control cabinets
  • Intuitive handling allows faster project execution
  • User friendly design enables your employees to work fast and efficient with the products
  • Secure communication in public networks saves time and money and fulfills highest cyber security standards
  • Customizable product solution adapts fast and simple to changing requirements

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As your distribution network develops towards an intelligent network you will need more and more independent monitoring and control devices to handle all different tasks. With our RTU520 you will keep your costs down while ensuring a stable supply for your customers.

  • RTU520 takes over the function of monitoring and control of switching devices for pole-top switch monitoring and control applications. The advantage for you is that you save costs for maintenance staff and that you will reduce the average outage duration for each customer (SAIDI).

  • Recent developments bring distributed energy resources into the distribution grid and they need to be controlled in order to protect primary equipment and ensure power quality. With the RTU520 you can monitor and control the distributed energy resources (DER). This enables you to focus on the critical tasks of network management while the RTU locally controls DER.

  • In the automation of secondary substation and ring main units the RTU520 monitors and controls your transformer and intelligently handles loads.

RTU520 Application Example

  • Electrical distribution network
    • Pole-top switch monitoring and control
    • Capacitor bank automation
    • Demand response management
    • Automation of DER
    • Energy storage
    • Automation of secondary substation / ring main unit
    • Transformer automation and control

  • Oil and gas application
    • Wellhead automation
    • Pipeline supervision

  • Monitoring and control of pumping stations
    • Water distribution network
    • Monitoring and control of water reservoirs
    • Monitoring and control of pumping stations
Application RTU520 RTU540   RTU560
Ring main units    
Pole-top RTUs    
Capacitor banks    
Demand response    
Fault detection isolation restoration    
Voltage optimization    
Decentralized energy resources    
Substation automation    
Wellhead automation
Pipeline supervision  
Monitoring and control of pumping stations  
Monitoring and control of lift stations  
Monitoring and control of water reservoirs    

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