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The concept of modular UPS - What makes it so unique

Modern day modular parallel UPS solutions enable organizations to simply, and cost effectively, increase their UPS power, improve availability and enjoy the long‐term benefits of scalable UPS solutions that can grow in sensible incremental steps as the organization grows.

The result is improved efficiency, lower cost of ownership and better customer service through high availability. 

The optimum parallel UPS solution is only achieved with systems that provide a true, hot‐swap, scalable modular architecture, such as our DPA UPS's.
Traditional parallel systems have limitations and do not allow the same level of flexibility. Together with the savings in power consumption, the high availability and the serviceability mean that the higher investment costs for a modular UPS system very quickly pay for themselves.

DPA (Decentralized Parallel Architecture) delivers unparalleled UPS availability and the serviceability, scalability, flexibility andlow energy usage made possible by the modular DPA approach deliver a very attractive TCO. There are no better UPS architectures available to those users whose critical electrical loads represent a valuable commercial asset that must be
kept powered at all costs.


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