Getting higher-level intelligence out of smart buildings

ABB puts fully integrated systems to work in industrial, commercial and residential buildings.

Smart buildings can get even smarter


The perception of smart buildings often gets stuck on small-scale thinking. Setting the temperature from a remote device or turning off the lights automatically are both beneficial. However, they don’t begin to realize the potential benefits that a fully integrated system can provide in terms of security, convenience, energy efficiency and cost savings.




Making many smart connections

ABB begins by recognizing that buildings have unique characteristics and functions. Using an ABB Ability™ such as Smarter Building, we can tailor a complete building automation solution, connecting hundreds or even thousands of devices to work in concert. Connecting the building to the smart grid could allow for even further control and opportunities for efficiencies.

  • Single systems can be connected for extra efficiency gains, such as combining window shades and heating/cooling systems for improved temperature management
  • Strategies can be programmed to optimize the building’s energy demand response
  • ABB’s i-bus® KNX system uses open standards to help install and control building efficiency solutions
  • The investment is secured for future modifications and extensions, even if the building is repurposed
  • Data can even be delivered to the cloud via sensors
Intelligent Buildings


Impacts on life and work

  • Improved comfort and convenience
  • Improved productivity
  • Improved security


Woman enjoying the automated shutter control in her office

Efficiencies and cost savings

  • 30 percent reduction in energy costs for heating, lighting and appliances
  • Automation systems can be pre-programmed to manage costs around time, occupancy and demand
  • Improved building code compliance