Connected services

ABB Ability™ Connected Services


By connecting robots, machines and automation equipment to the cloud, manufacturers can unlock the highest levels of performance and uptime from their automation systems.


Customer and industry need 

The high cost of downtime can be a significant challenge to food and beverage makers, jeopardizing precious margins and placing food safety at risk. This becomes a greater concern with the need for frequent changeovers and faster product launches, which increases automation complexity.

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ABB Ability™ solutions

ABB’s Connected Services is a suite of solutions that provide advanced analytics and proactive, actionable data to reduce incidents by up to 25% and speed issue response and recovery time by as much as 60%. This is valuable for smaller manufacturers who rely on a single robot’s performance, and for large enterprises looking to optimize hundreds of robots across several sites.

ABB and ABB Ability portfolio highlights:

  • Connected Services Suite, including:
    • Condition Monitoring & Diagnostics
    • Backup Management
    • Fleet Assessment
    • Asset Optimization
    • Remote Access

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In addition to reducing the impact of downtime, Connected Services allow food and beverage makers to base maintenance activities on actual equipment health, not an arbitrary schedule. This can reduce planned downtime and total lifetime maintenance costs.