Fleet supervision

ABB Ability™ Fleet supervision


Performance is one of the few variables that manufacturers can control to increase the Return on Investment, and the vast array of smart devices across most factories present a unique opportunity not just to collect data, but put it to work. 

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Customer and industry need 

Greater complexity and inter-dependency of devices and processes mean it’s harder, as well as more necessary, to identify potential conflicts, or opportunities for improvement, and thereby reduce downtime while improving efficiencies.

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ABB Ability™ solutions

ABB Ability solutions for manufacturing go beyond the collection of data in the cloud to close the loop with operational decision-making on the shop floor, delivering remote condition monitoring solutions that are informed with deep expertise in any required predictive maintenance actions. 

ABB and ABB Ability portfolio highlights:

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ABB Ability™ solutions for manufacturing ensure an improved visibility into the actual health of plant assets as well as increased levels of information on process and automation. This turns into improved robotics and power system performance and ultimately in better maintenance planning.