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Food safety testing has been revolutionized over the past few years, as devices that were once inert tools in production processes now possess the capacity to collect information, report it and, in many instances, take automated actions based upon it. This can mean more reliable safety and quality for manufacturers that redefine how they approach it.

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Customer and industry need 

Traditionally, the variability of circumstances and events between safety checkpoints were too diverse and many to count, and they often changed not just day-to-day, but from one moment to the next. Manufacturers only know what they know when they know it…which means companies that know more, and do more with it, gain an advantage.

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ABB Ability™ solutions

ABB Ability solutions for manufacturing can help not just integrate the data from these functions, so visibility into raw materials and processes is far deeper and real-time, but go further and automate many of the activities, and then iterate process improvements.

ABB and ABB Ability portfolio highlights:

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ABB Ability™ solutions for manufacturing enable an integrated system backed with secure cloud storage to track and trace all elements of production and ingredient use. This is easier to manage, faster to deliver, more likely to iterate improvements, and better on compliance.

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