Digitally choreographing the factory floor

ABB helps manufacturers build and run a factory virtually before they build it physically.

Virtual Commissioning

The clock is ticking

Once again, the task seems impossible. The shop needs to be up and running when? How is anyone supposed to meet that timeline? Especially when the equipment needs reprogramming? And by the way, the floor is already tied up with another project. What’s needed is a way to get ahead of the game, right now.
Virtual Commissioning

Enter the 4-D simulated factory

We take ABB’s expert knowledge of factory operations and add the intelligence of ABB Ability™ systems like RobotStudio® to speed up commissioning. RobotStudio is able to simulate an exact replica of the factory in the virtual realm, including automated motion over time, so that all technical issues can be solved in advance. In essence, you get to run the factory before you run the actual factory.

  • Virtual commissioning does full testing prior to installing the line in the physical world
  • Integrates all automation assets (robots, PLCs, motors, drives)
  • Adjusting parameters for different simulations allows optimization in the real world
  • Testing and actual software are identical, so no reprogramming is needed
  • Reduced need for real-life adjustments during installation

Commission right the first time

  • Lets you design and test without shutting down the factory floor
  • Faster real-world shop-floor set-up
  • Reduces risk of collisions on shop floor
  • Better quality and process control

Virtual Commissioning

More speed, more productivity

  • Reduced shop-floor commissioning time by up to 25 percent
  • Earlier production starts
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Increased productivity
  • Reduced opportunity costs