ABB Ability™ for integrated solar microgrid solutions

Affordable, safe and reliable electricity through integrated solar microgrid solutions.



Access to affordable, reliable electricity is crucial for economic development and living standards in rural areas. The challenge is to ensure a constant power supply.


Customer and industry need 

Access to electricity in remote communities is typically provided in one of two ways. The first is via diesel generators. These are traditionally used to provide back-up power when the grid fails, but are at risk from volatile fuel prices and emit harmful pollutants. The second option is a complex off-grid system, requiring many different parts and specialized installation knowledge, making it costly to install and maintain.

A more cost-effective, reliable and environmentally friendly solution is required.

ABB Ability™ solutions

ABB’s integrated solar microgrid enables solar PV power and battery energy storage to ensure a constant electricity supply for remote communities that are not connected to the main grid. It also provides effective back-up power for small commercial and industrial facilities using an inconsistent grid supply.

Operational modes include off-grid, in parallel with diesel generators or weak grids. Key components include solar inverters, power converters, protections, control systems, remote monitoring capabilities and batteries.

Built to perform in extreme environments, the system is factory tested and DC & AC protection features are embedded. It is also ready to connect so that it can be quickly and easily installed. It also features remote monitoring, providing visibility of vital diagnostics and simplifying maintenance.

ABB and ABB Ability™ portfolio highlights:



ABB’s integrated solar microgrid solutions ensure affordable, safe and reliable energy supply for remote communities and provide a reliable back-up power supply for small industrial facilities.