Collaborative support

ABB Ability™ solutions for Oil, Gas & Chemicals improve predictive maintenance delivered by real-time plant data coupled with 24/7 monitoring and analysis.



Attempting to resolve an operational issue on-site can face structural and experiential limitations. The best solution may exist off-site, whether at another company facility, somewhere else in the industry, or in an entirely different business. Additionally, a site often has little flexibility for testing a solution, particularly when its facility must be the default lab, which can mean process downtime, or worse, a failed solution that creates more problems.


Customer and industry need 

Some of today’s technical problems didn’t exist a decade ago, such as cyber threats, and handling the vast amount of data that many devices and systems continuously produce. Together with broken control loops, uncontrollable alarms, safety system failures and rotating equipment downtime, these problems affect 99% of customers in the industry. Especially the overwhelming explosion of data requires experience, domain expertise and scalable management and service solutions.


ABB Ability™ solutions

ABB Ability solutions for Oil, Gas & Chemicals offer predictive analytics and maintenance by providing access to its analytics engine and global experts, who assemble and help synthesize data from disparate systems into one dashboard that can help Oil, Gas & Chemicals customers collaborate across locations and disciplines on safety, alarm, control loop, cyber security and rotating equipment support.

ABB and ABB Ability portfolio highlights:

→ Wireless vibration, temperature and pressure sensors
→ Drive monitors
→ Robot sensors
→ Intelligent infrastructure (including electrification, instrumentation, and telecommunications)
→ Safety systems
→ Digital substation
→ AssetInsight
→ Cyber Security Monitoring
→ SafetyInsight
→ Simulation
→ Loop Performance Monitoring
→ Rotating Equipment Monitoring
→ Batch Performance Monitoring
→ Process Performance Monitoring



ABB Ability™ solutions for Oil, Gas & Chemicals enable to reduce operational costs through decreased downtime, travel time and work requirements. They also improve equipment availability and effectiveness.

The ABB Collaborative Support Network saves time by providing easy access to ABB experts around the world. Remote access translates into reduced travel time and requirements, as well as into reduced commission time. It keeps production running while also reducing downtime. More importantly, it enables continuous improvement and efficient decision making.