Integrated infrastructure



Traditionally, operational controls focused on managing every process and task in the hope that this would lead to overall excellence. One issue with this is that crucial dependencies could emerge from simple steps, while other metrics might produce no discernible effect on outcomes.  

A case in collaboration with QCLNG.


Customer and industry need 

Today’s large facilities can involve thousands of wells and hundreds of miles of pipeline. They might operate over distances measured in thousands of miles. So, reacting to problems can be difficult, for example assessing the situation, and then designing and delivering a solution. Knowing issues sooner, and delivering fixes quicker, can provide a real competitive advantage. 


ABB Ability™ solutions

ABB Ability solutions for Oil, Gas & Chemicals offer a safe, reliable power, communications and control infrastructure that can provide centralized maintenance and operations control across the entire upstream and midstream infrastructure.

ABB and ABB Ability portfolio highlights:
• Process Power Simulator
• Multi System Integration
• Telecoms and security systems across upstream, midstream and downstream
• Electrical Condition Monitoring
• Collaborative Environment



ABB Ability™ solutions for Oil, Gas & Chemicals significantly improve efficiency, create savings in maintenance-related activities and reduce total lifecycle costs.