Site collaborative operations

ABB Ability™ solutions for Oil, Gas & Chemicals run more than 50 fully automated manufacturing lines with one single distributed control system.

ABB Ability™ Site collaborative operations


Many data and control systems have “grown up” somewhat organically at large facilities, which presents the dual challenge of integrating these data streams, and then enabling, executing and often automating decisions across the enterprise.

A case in collaboration with Sadara.


Customer and industry need 

Innovating processes while managing operational controls at scale is an immense task in the industry, made all the more difficult by the mission-critical nature of the work.


ABB Ability™ solutions

ABB Ability solutions for Oil, Gas & Chemicals provide a digital infrastructure across integrated power and automation systems. Partnerships can stretch from concept through the entire lifecycle. Integrated software packages ensure safe, efficient and reliable operation of the facility’s various assets. With the world’s biggest fieldbus foundation, seamless integration of different plant assets are enabled across the site.

ABB and ABB Ability portfolio highlights:


ABB Ability™ solutions for Oil, Gas & Chemicals enable the world’s largest petrochemical complex to secure connectivity and data management while accommodating future scalability needs. They provide advance analytics capabilities for domain-specific applications and allow to seamlessly cooperate between domain and product experts. All of this creates a single distributed control system that will run more than 50 fully-automated production lines.