Automated data collection

ABB Ability™ for Oil, Gas & Chemicals reduce operational costs by 30% and commissioning time by 50% — all while driving safety improvements through automated data collection and analysis.

ABB Ability™ Automated data collection


Many Oil, Gas & Chemicals facilities must operate within strict environmental and safety regulations, and when operations approach the limits of these, both risk and cost increase. This provides a significant incentive to identify potential problems as early as possible, which means also “seeing” changes in the functional dependencies between activities, so smart decisions can be made.


Customer and industry need 

Manually collecting and analyzing vast amounts of data, often from functionally siloed systems, can result in data inaccuracy, inconsistencies and incompleteness. This can lead to decisions based on incorrect, missing or out-of-date information as well as decisions that are late, which can trigger risk and cost implications.


ABB Ability™ solutions

ABB Ability solutions for Oil, Gas & Chemicals provide a digital infrastructure that collects information automatically, and in near real-time, across siloes and then contextualizes and analyzes it to allow for decisions on work processes, operational and risk management.

ABB and ABB Ability portfolio highlights:

→ Automatic Flowline Control



ABB Ability™ solutions for Oil, Gas & Chemicals turn data into insights and ultimately into action in the physical world, thus providing improved efficiency for the customer. This can result in 30% OPEX savings, lowered commissioning costs by 50% and minimized safety incidents.