Remote operations

ABB Ability™ Remote operation


The complexity and time-sensitive nature of the technology involved in building, commissioning and then productively and safely operating offshore facilities is increasing as expectations for return on investment are declining. Assets need to not only perform, but do so sooner, more reliably and for a longer period of time than once required.

A case in collaboration with Ormen Lange.


Customer and industry need 

To succeed competitively, oil and gas fields need to operate at exceptional levels of availability and productivity. Ensuring these outcomes without incurring large CapEx or investing in personnel is a challenge.


ABB AbilityTM solutions

ABB Ability solutions for Oil, Gas & Chemicals offer Collaborative Operations Centers, staffed with experts and linked in real-time to the company’s other diverse support centers around the world. This allows authorized personnel to connect directly with a customer’s safety and automation systems, thereby enabling change implementation, troubleshooting and remotely supported health checks.

ABB and ABB Ability portfolio highlights:
• AlarmInsight
• SafetyInsight
• System 800xA Simulator for training and engineering
• Asset management for instrumentation
• Automated well startup
• Cyber Security Lifecycle Management
• Process Performance Services
• OperationInsight
• ABB Remote Monitoring and Operations Room (ARMOR)



ABB Ability™ solutions for Oil & Gas ensure an uptime as high as 99% for very complex facilities, as well as ultimately improved productivity.

“Ever since the start-up phase in 2007, uptime at Ormen Lange has been more than 99 percent for most months of the year. Such high availability is unusual for a plant as large and complex as this. We’ve invested significant resources in continuously fine-tuning the plant, which has benefited us enormously. Our experience from Ormen Lange tells us that it pays to invest in optimization.” - Reider Haugsgierd, Process Control Engineer, Norske Shell