eBus Charging

ABB Ability eBus Charging


Cities around the world are challenged to build transit solutions that lower emissions and reduce noise, all while keeping costs down.  Electric city buses offer a great opportunity to improve air quality, while reducing operational costs. 

Customer and industry need 

Volvo and Nova Bus—leading developers of transit vehicle electrification—needed a solution that could offer opportunity charging as well as end point charging that could serve municipalities in multiple regions, including Europe and North America.  An optimally standardized system was also required to manage various routes and the varied demands of many cities and regions. 


ABB Ability™ solutions

ABB Ability EV Charging solutions support eBus infrastructure that delivers both opportunity charging and depot charging configurations meeting 50kw to 450kW of high power fast charging. In addition, the modular power delivery concept can be right-sized for future fleet growth and demand. Its OppCharge standard interface allows electric buses from different manufacturers to be used together. The life-cycle of charging systems is supported by ABB Ability™ cloud connected services for easy charging fleet management.

ABB and ABB Ability portfolio highlights:


With a typical charging time of 4-6 minutes, and a fully automated rooftop charging connection, electric buses can be charged anywhere at convenient places along bus routes. The result is true 24/7 electric bus operation in cities.

Municipalities can now implement lower cost, lower emission transit solutions across their fleets with the support of Volvo's vehicle technology and ABB Ability™ fast charging solutions. Several of these systems have been installed already, with many more already planned over the coming years.