Power plants and automation

ABB Ability™ Power plants and automation


At least 40% of the world’s cyber attacks target the energy sector, and up to 40% of abnormal events within a given plant are due to operator actions or error. Maintaining the integrity of the system is therefore an emergent issue that cannot be ignored.

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Customer and industry need 

Customers are seeing cyber security grow in urgency, alongside the need to prevent other causes of downtime. They have increasing gaps in resources and skill sets. Furthermore personnel can be overloaded with nuisance alarms and suboptimal control loops in the control system. No two alarms are equal, so the ability to respond appropriately, and in a timely fashion, is more important than the warnings themselves.

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The ABB Ability™ solutions

ABB Ability solutions for power plants and automation systems are complemented by ABB Service Centers which provide expertise and services such as monitoring, diagnosis, optimization and maintenance. 

ABB offers a unified approach to security, compliance and change management. By reviewing and optimizing the alarm system, and tuning off-spec control loops, ABB has helped achieve operational benefits and increased uptime.

ABB and ABB Ability portfolio highlights:
• Cybersecurity Workplace
• Alarm Management
• Loop Tuning
• Control System Health Check
• ServicePort

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The ABB Ability™ solution leads to improved reliability, availability, effective forced outage rate and human resource allocation. Risks are reduced by increasing cyber security, while alarm management results in greater operator efficiency and wrong decisions being avoided. Improved control loop performance leads to higher plant availability and efficiency.

Customer Testimonial:

"I have been working on fine-tuning the alarms utilizing the alarm management tools in Symphony Plus. The tools are extremely useful in identifying the more frequent alarms and any associated alarms groups that are triggered during events/upsets. The Alarm performance report is also helpful in showing you your progress. When we first started, the plant was in the “Reactive” zone. Over the past month utilizing the tools, we are now in the “Robust” zone and the Control room operators notice a big difference from before Symphony Plus and now with Symphony Plus.”

Brian Remat, NRG Seward (US)

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