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The simplest way to optimize energy consumption in your building and have an immediate positive impact on the environment

ABB Ability™ Efficiency AI uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to proactively optimize the HVAC system in buildings to achieve remarkable cost savings and emission reductions, while im-proving occupant comfort. An SaaS business model with rapid implementation of the com-plete solution, it generates high energy cost savings in a fast amount of time.

Efficiency AI is an easy retrofit solution that works on top of any BACnet HVAC system with minimal investment needed.

Currently available in the following countries: USA & Canada.

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Brings you one step closer to net-zero carbon goals.

The simplest way to obtain:


up to 25%

reduction in energy costs


up to 40%

decrease in carbon footprint


up to 60%

improvement in occupant comfort


extend HVAC equipment life

by up to 50%

Efficiency AI offers you the best-in-class benefits:

  • Supports your sustainability goals
    Positive Impact on the environment

  • Fast Return On Investment
    No Capital Investment needed Generates the highest
    energy cost savings in the fastest amount of time

  • Autonomous AI
    Autonomously drives building’s HVAC system by directly writing back to the controller every 5 minutes No human intervention needed, thereby improving overall productivity of the facilities team.

  • Compliance with standards
    Helps meet ASHRAE guidelines for ventilation, CDC and Airborne Virus Mitigation Program Helps meet local, state/provincial, and national environmental regulation requirements.

Efficiency AI is is feature-packed:


Uses Artificial Intelligence and machine learning to optimize HVAC systems

  • Utilizes existing data from building systems combined with behavioral patterns in the space
  • Behavioral patterns are established based on advanced deep learning models.
  • Continuously makes micro-adjustments to the building`s HVAC system with NO human interaction.

Predictive Control

  • Predicts what the tem-perature in the space will be 2 hours in ad-vance and with this knowledge, the algo-rithms can optimize the HVAC controllers to pre-vent fluctuations

Tracks energy efficiency KPIs

  • When integrated with the Building Analyzer solution, savings against set baseline can be con-tinuously monitored.

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