BBC Brown Boveri Electric

The American operation of Swiss-based Brown Boveri Limited was called Brown Boveri Electric Company, incorporated as a US company. In 1984, the US company name was changed to BBC Brown Boveri Inc.

Brown Boveri Electric continued innovation in the electrical industry in the field of stored energy low- and medium-voltage circuit breakers and 5 kilovolt (kV) air magnetic circuit breakers started by ITE Circuit Breaker Company and Gould ITE. Manufacturing a complete line of low- and medium-voltage indoor and outdoor products in addition to high-voltage circuit breakers and switches, the company was known for technical innovation and engineering excellence.

In 1988, the name changed again following the merger of Swedish ASEA, and Swiss BBC. The new company ASEA Brown Boveri grew considerably when the transformer and relaying businesses of Westinghouse Electric were added to the American operation.

Shortened to ABB Inc. in recent years, the American operation continues the strong engineering and innovation that was a tradition of the ITE Circuit Breaker Company.

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