National Industri

National Industri (NI) was established in Norway in 1917 as a major supplier of heavy electrical products, transformers and hydropower generators to the Norwegian market.

National Industri started to establish an export activity during 1965 – 1970.

Transformer companies in certain markets were acquired in order to have access to the worldwide market.  Gradually, new countries were added to the list where National Industri had production in wholly or partly owned companies.  These countries were Sweden, Denmark, United Kingdom, Ireland, Spain, USA, Singapore, Malaysia, Nepal, Tanzania, Sri Lanka and Ecuador.

National Industri was first incorporated in the EB-Group before it became an ABB entity in 1988.

National Industri’s main export products have always been furnace and rectifier transformers based on the “shell-form” principle.  They are especially fitted for arc furnaces and reduction furnaces.

National Industri was the world’s leading company for furnace transformer when it was acquired by ABB in 1988.

Shell form transformers delivered from National Industri or ABB Norway are still repaired in the original factory in Drammen, Norway.

This facility is also able to produce new spare transformers, identical or upgraded version of the existing transformers.  Spare parts are also available from the ABB factory in Drammen, Norway.

The factory in Norway is also supporting transformers delivered from ASEA Per Kure (Norway)  (APK) and Richard Pfeifer (Norway) (RP).

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