Aztec has been a leading brand within the UK water industry since the release of the world's first self-deaning colorimetric analyser known as the Aztec MKI was created by Aztec Environmental Control Ltd (UK) in 1983. Initially specialising in the monitoring of residual coagulants such as iron and aluminium the Aztec range was expanded to provide a suite of online analysis solutions induding automatic coagulation control systems.
      In 1991 Aztec Environmental Control were acquired by Severn Trent Water (UK) and shortly afterwads were merged with Capitol Controls (UK) and subsequently later became Severn Trent Services Ltd (UK). In this time the Aztec range of analysers continually evolved and further parameters were added. With the launch of the Aztec Series 1000 range of colorimetric and ISE analysers in 1998 the Aztec brand became synonymous for its reliability, repeatability and accuracy of measurement.
     ABB acquired the Aztec range from Severn Trent Services in 2007 and by modernising the unique and proven liquid handling systems migrated the analysers onto a new state of the art platform and launched the Aztec 600 Colorimetric and ISE analyser range. Today this range of analysers have an important role within the ABB continuous water analysis portfolio as a market leader in its field.