Elektrotechnicke zavody Julia Fucika

Products from EJF (Brno, Czech Republic) have a long history. From the factory foundation in 1887 by Bartelmus - Donát, through its acquisition by Skoda, ZSE Praha group and during company independence, EJF products gained excellent reputation among power distribution customers of former Czechoslovakia and abroad.

Since 1993 ABB continues to be the preferred partner to the customers in the Czech and Slovak Republics and even becomes a global supplier of medium-voltage switchgear 6-25 kilovolts (kV), instrument transformers and sensors, SF6 and vacuum circuit breakers

ABB is continuously extending the range of products, systems and activities for residential buildings, industry or power plants to meet all customer demand. We make products, deliveries, actions and daily operations an expression of the quality of the work we carry out in the whole company.

ABB supports life extension or upgrade of the original EJF switchgear equipment, such as circuit breaker, contactor, dosconnector or bus riser trucks and offers a wide range of modern medium-voltage products. 

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