Advanced technology and expertise made Electronic Technology Systems Inc.(ETSI) a world leader in the development of controls for turbines and rotating equipment. As part of the overall ABB portfolio products, these systems continue to offer users a variety of digital automation solutions for new or retrofit application to gas and steam turbines from all makers. Included are advanced speed and load controls, auto synchronization and simulation packages, plus remote valve calibration for faster startup.
       In addition, ABB provides high-pressure hydraulic systems including skid-mounted units for turnkey retrofits. Many ETSI control strategies were developed in concert with Bailey distributed control systems, for which dedicated slave modules and other products were developed, which are now integrated into the ABB systems offerings.
       Founded in 1984, ETSI was acquired by Elsag Bailey in 1993 and became part of the ABB portfolio with the ABB aquisition of Elsag Bailey in 1999. The products and professional services are sold through ABB operating units in more than 100 countries.

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