Luca System

The Plastic Enclosures factory in Marostica born as a private company owned by Luca family in 1971. The factory was a part of ELEKTROLUME company together with the factory LUMETAL in Porcia producing metal and resin enclosures and metal ducts.
     In 1992 the LUMETAL factory split into two parts, one sold to HAGER group and the other with the name of ELLECI still belonging to Luca family. In 1995 Luca family sold the Marostica plastic factory to ABB (Asea Brown Boveri) and became ABB LUCA SYSTEM.
     In 2000, the merger among the four ABB companies in Italy operating in the field of low voltage (ABB Sace L.V., ABB Elettrocondutture, ABB LucaSystem and ABB Turati) led to ABB SACE Spa being set up, and the factory in Marostica became the “Enclosures and Cable System” (or ECS).
     The range actually produced by ABB ECS factory covers all the distribution plastic range from consumer units up to plastic wiring ducts, including the plastic enclosures Gemini sold in the export and domestic market.