ZWAR Group, one of Poland’s leading manufacturers of switchgear and high-voltage equipment, was acquired by ABB in 1997. The ZWAR Group comprised four factories - two in Warsaw, one north of Warsaw in Przasnysz, and one west of Gdansk in Lebork. Altogether, they employed 1,750 people and were major suppliers to the Polish market.
        The new company manufactures a wide range of products for applications in power transmission and distribution for utilities and industry, including medium- and high-voltage switchgear, instrument transformers and surge arrestors. The four factories are all certified to international quality standard ISO 9001 and were previously licencees of ABB for various advanced circuit breaker designs. The new company has gained by sharing in ABB’s latest technology across this wide field and from further investment to modernize production facilities, enhance environmental performance and transfer know-how in management and information systems.
         During the last six years ABB Zwar has gone through a very deep restructuring process. One factory in Warsaw was closed (on Goclawska Str.) and production moved to factory in Warszawa Miêdzylesie. The factory in Lêbork was also closed and production moved to factories in Przasnysz and Lodz. At the end of 2001 ABB Zwar consolidated its activities with ABB Elta (producer of power and distribution transformers) within the Power Technologies Division. On March 19, 2002, ABB Zwar and ABB Elta merged with ABB Sp. z o.o. Operations of both companies continued under ABB Sp. z o.o. Since then the usage of brand names ABB Zwar and ABB Elta have been replaced by ABB.
        The factory in Przasnysz became a focused factory for medium-voltage fuses, switch disconnectors and MV instrument transformers within the ABB Group, and is still producing medium voltage (MV) instrument transformers and circuit breakers for the local market. The factory in Lodz is responsible for producing oil immersed medium-sized distribution transformers (251-2000 kVA), and medium-sized power transformers (70-200 MVA, up to 254 kV). The factory in Warszawa- Miedzylesie is producing ST7 movable transformer substations for the global market and switchgear for the local market. Moreover all ABB activities in Warsaw were moved to Miedzylesie, including ABB headquarters in Poland and Automation Division activities.

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