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What is the ABB ESCo System Program?

A complete, concrete system to make energy management a reality. Give your projects a boost: Energize Your Business

Safe, helpful, open and always updated:
discover the world of ABB and find out how to participate.

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Why should I participate in the program?

The ABB ESCo System Program offers important advantages for the business of energy management and facilitates interactions with companies and contact people for the whole industry. Moreover, it complements ABB’s range of services and expertise, which customers have come to know through energy management.

Be updated in the field with the ABB ESCo System Program


A complete, effective approach

Having worked with ESCos for many years, ABB has a comprehensive approach to energy efficiency that makes a difference because it’s specific and targeted to the needs and challenges of international ESCos.  


Countless advantages, always.

Professional updates and industry-specific information on energy management with masterclasses, offering preview, blogs and latest insights.


A network of professionals.

Exclusive access to an international community of professionals to get support and share best practices through the analysis of specific case studies, in a confidential environment with data protection as a priority.


International lead sharing.

Sharing professional information in a sales community leads to a better business. In addition, you’ll have access to the 2022 offer for system integrators.

The ABB ESCo System Program for all ESCos and System Integrators

Achieving energy and environmental goals, financing the operation and keeping a high quality standard.



Provide solutions for energy efficiency to identify precise charges and costs.



Estimate short and long-term financial resources.




Precise, diversified technical skills.



Easily adapt programs and actions to the context.


The ESCo System Program is the way to Energize Your Business. Discover the world of ABB and find out how to participate.



ABB ESCo System Program + ABB Ability™ Energy Manager - Matching = 100% energy!

ABB’s products and services, which many ESCos have already found essential to enhancing and optimizing their business.


ABB Ability™ Energy Manager - Matching Win the Energy Match

Reaching corporate energy expenditure targets is a matter of knowledge: ABB Ability™ Energy Manager - Matching is the new edition from ABB that helps companies, installers and ESCos:

gain access to site performance data without having devices connected

benchmark with other similar buildings in the country

access investment opportunities to save energy and lower carbon footprints

advise on possible enhancements

evaluate achievable targets to improve energy efficiency.

Sharing is caring, and growing and performing, too.

A product sold is just a product; a shared project becomes something different, able to grow in precision and power day after day, as long as the community shares impressions, ideas, results.
Here you can find a list of the top 3 products we are talking about in the ABB ESCo System Program Community.

Ekip UP

Ekip UP

This low-voltage digital unit is able to monitor, protect and control the next generation of plants, while digitalizing the plant performances.

Emax 2

Emax 2

The air circuit-breaker becomes a Power Manager with unique performance that is able to control electrical installations.

Tmax XT

Tmax XT

The moulded case circuit breakers guarantee an extremely high performance level while being progressively smaller in size, simple to install and able to provide increasingly better safety.

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