Checking the present to build a better efficiency

It’s time to start a new way of looking to the Energy Management: ABB Ability™ Energy Manager – Checking is the new edition from ABB that helps ESCos, energy anagers and energy consultants to have eyes wide open on the real consumption of facilities, in order to achieve a better efficiency.

understand energy usage patterns and easily receive a full picture of your energy portfolio

use formulas to create custom analysis

validate savings achieved with energy efficiency actions in accordance with International Perfomance Measurement and Verification Protocol (IPMVP) procedures by Measurement & Verification
(M&V) practise

export customizable report including billing and activity maps


Your eye on Energy Management

ABB Ability™ Energy Manager - Checking is ready to show how things can be better controlled and predicted, with real time report, connections simulations and an AI algorithm in the background.

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ABB Ability™ Energy Manager - Checking

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Measurement & Verification

Set up reports to evaluate benefits or validate savings, enabling delivery of White Certificates and energy/carbon credits using IPMVP.


Formula Composer

Analyze data with the creation of formulas inside the platform, making correlation and creating dedicated measures.


Compare and breathe 

Choose providers comparing different tariffs, including multiutility consumption and CO2 impact.


What if analysis

Create a simple and highly understandable simulation based on the heating map of the consumption and hp energy reduction for selectable time periods.


Data and reports

Import data from widespread formats (like csv, ftp etc) and create customizable reports for consumption and costs, with schedules and sharing facilities.


AI Alerts

An affordable algorithm based on AI in the background of Checking tool create alarms related to any abnormal consumption.



Checking the sound of efficiency

ABB Ability™ Energy Manager - Checking can help you fine tuning your actual energy expenditures with the offers of multiutilities in term of prices and CO2 emissions, reporting and forecasting with the use of an AI algorithm inside the platform..

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