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Sustainability in Electrification

Together we can deliver a low carbon future

Together we enable sustainable farming

Ljusgarda and ABB deliver sustainable vertical farming in Sweden

Read Ljusgårda's story

Together we keep electric buses charged

Hamburg Hochbahn AG and ABB deliver Germany’s first fully electrified bus terminal

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Together we develop carbon neutral facilities

Teams from across ABB create a blueprint carbon neutral facility in Germany

Read Ludenscheid's story

Together we maximize efficiency in buildings

Viettel Group and ABB increase efficiency and reduce carbon emissions

Read Viettel's story

Together we manufacture using 100 percent renewable energy

ABB and its partners deliver carbon neutral operations in Finland

Read Porvoo's story

Together we create real time digital twins for sustainable manufacturing

Fiorentini and ABB monitor performance of critical assets for informed decision making

Read Fiorentini's story

Together we optimize energy usage

Park Holidays and ABB achieve remote visibility of assets and energy consumption across leisure facilities

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Together we digitize factories to reduce carbon emissions

Teams across ABB deliver 25% reduction in carbon emissions

Read Dalmine's story

Together we increase power availability to 99.9999%

Rapelli and ABB achieve 96 percent efficiency with advanced UPS system

Read Rapelli's story

Together we power hospitals with hydrogen backup power

GenCell and ABB innovate Israel’s first hydrogen backup power solution for a hospital

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At ABB Electrification, we believe that when innovation and collaboration come together, progress really happens.


Explore our case studies to see innovation and collaboration in action and discover how our Electrification technologies enable a lower carbon future.


Together we can electrify the world in a safe, smart and sustainable way.

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ABB's Mission to Zero

The world we live in is undergoing rapid change. From industrialization to urbanization and digitalization, we must find a way to successfully manage the pressures being placed on our planet.

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