Electrifying a safe, smart and sustainable world

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Electricity underpins all modern economies and our reliance on it is ever-increasing. It is indispensable in societies increasingly dependent on digital technologies. 

Electrical energy will be at the crux of a decarbonized future. Electrification powered by a growth in variable renewable power generation brings a host of new challenges associated with an increasingly complex and less predictable grid.

Distribution is at the heart of the energy revolution. As the energy transition progresses towards carbon-neutral energy systems, electrical distribution must become more agile and resilient. 

That's why ABB's Distribution Solutions develops cutting-edge technologies to protect and automate energy distribution and enhance grid resilience. With ABB Ability™ enabled digital solutions at its core, our extensive portfolio provides utility, industrial and commercial customers with safe, smart and sustainable technologies.

Discover more about how ABB is pushing the boundaries of what is possible in electricity distribution at CIGRE and CIRED virtual events in 2021. Have a look at these interesting videos!

A safe world

Where safety is 'built in' to our solutions and everything we do

Developing technology that keeps people safe at home, at work and at play.

A smart world

Where we power progress with our intelligent technologies

Connecting people to their homes and spaces to make life more comfortable, efficient and sustainable

A sustainable world

Where we protect our planet by innovating how we work and live

With a commitment to make our factories carbon neutral and develop even more efficient products to make our customers and our world more sustainable

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