Doing Business with ABB

Building relationships with best-in-class suppliers is an essential aspect of ABB’s global Supply Chain Management strategy.

As part of ABB’s values, and in alignment with the Supplier Code of Conduct, we seek to work with companies who contribute to a sustainable development and are ethically, socially, environmentally and economically responsible.

Supply Base Management is a key focus area within the ABB Supply Chain Management Strategy. As part of this focus, ABB has partnered with Achilles in designing a new global system to identify, collect, validate, store and maintain critical information regarding potential and existing suppliers. 

In this short video, the ABB Group Head of Supply Chain Management and the Head of Supply Base Management provide some background and perspective as to why ABB requires our potential and existing suppliers to register in Achilles Power&Tech and what this means for you.

What suppliers can expect from ABB

ABB recognizes our suppliers as a valued and integral component of our company's long-term success. Therefore, ABB is committed to providing technical resources to our suppliers to support their development and enable them to achieve a sustainable competitive advantage.

ABB is able to leverage its global resources and strengths to assist suppliers in areas such as continuous process improvement, lean manufacturing, quality management and sustainability. ABB contributes to their strategic development by customizing development plans, sharing resources and technologies, exchanging best practices, and monitoring performance. ABB’s structured approach to Supplier Qualification, Supplier Performance Evaluation and Supplier Development enables long term supplier success. Ultimately, this is geared towards better support for our customers.

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