Material Compliance

Material compliance is part of good governance. ABB is committed to material compliance, supporting this with our Policy on Health, Safety, Environment, Security and Sustainability and Supplier Code of Conduct, and is committed to ensure high social, environmental and human rights standards. We encourage our suppliers and sub-contractors to adopt similar standards and to comply with regulatory requirements.

Stricter legal frameworks have been put in place worldwide, which means ABB is required to monitor the source of certain minerals more closely, and phase out the use of hazardous substances in ABB products and processes. ABB expects suppliers to actively support ongoing efforts to manage and demonstrate product compliance with regulations such as REACH, RoHS and Conflict Minerals.

Conflict Minerals

ABB is aware of and concerned by the conflicts occurring in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and is actively working to identify which products and material from suppliers may contain conflict minerals.

Our organization continues to support responsible minerals sourcing and industry initiatives, while working with our suppliers to facilitate conflict-free sourcing that contributes to economic growth. In addition, ABB is a member of the Responsible Minerals Initiative (RMI) and adheres to the OECD guidelines to increase the transparency of conflict minerals in our supply chain.

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Hazardous Substances

ABB continues to phase out hazardous substances in products and processes, where technically and economically feasible. We have developed lists of prohibited and restricted substances to guide this process and update them regularly, in line with international regulations. Our suppliers are requested to comply with these regulations, which are as well part of ABB's Global Terms and Conditions and Supplier Code of Conduct