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2015-12-18, news
Scotrenewables funding paves way for largest turbine
2015-11-04, news
Trilliant and CGI enable more customers to retain Smart Meter benefits
2015-11-04, feat. article
Trilliant in The Global Smart Energy Elites 2015: British Gas Drives Unique Customer Experience
2015-11-04, feat. article
Trilliant in The Global Smart Energy Elites 2015: Showcase Project Drives Smart Grid Foundation For Central Maine Power
2015-11-03, news
NEW Netz GmbH Germany Selects Trilliant to Help Deliver Smart Energy Benefits to Customers
2015-11-02, news
Trilliant to Acquire Smart Grid Application Business from Ingenu
2015-10-08, news
Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg invested in the ultimate AI
2015-10-05, news
UpWind and ROMO Wind start strategic partnership for American market
2015-09-22, news
Robots at work: The economic effects of workplace automation
2015-09-15, news
Aquamarine Power - Oyster research wins €800,000 European grant
2015-09-14, news
ROMO Wind - iSpin achieves increase in energy yield of 7.7 percent at the Sustrum/Renkenberge wind farm
2015-09-02, news
Bazmi Husain appointed ABB’s Chief Technology Officer
2015-08-31, news
Startup Vicarious is working towards making machines work like a human brain
2015-08-20, news
3M partners with TaKaDu to provide water utilities with more comprehensive and efficient solutions
2015-08-18, news
Samsung and Wipro follow Amazon and ABB in Funding AI Startup Vicarious
2015-06-29, interview
GCV Symposium 2015 Interview with Girish Nadkarni