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Recruitment process

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What are your criteria for recruitment?

Decisions are based on the candidate's competencies and professional qualifications for the position. In the case of two or more candidates who are equally suitable, hiring teams consider a number of factors including diversity of the team.

How do you make sure your recruitment process is fair?

Being fair and acting ethically is at the heart of the way we do business. We use valid, reliable processes and tools, focusing only on job-related skills, experience, competencies and potential.

All other factors, including – but not limited to – gender, age, faith, political belief, nationality, sexual orientation, disabilities, race and cultural heritage, are irrelevant.

What is your policy on employees from the same family?

We ensure that no employees are involved in any way in the recruitment of family members. In addition, no employees may have a reporting relationship – direct or indirect – to another family member. In practice, this means that family members do not work in the same department.

What kind of questions do you ask in interviews?

Questions vary depending on the job you are being interviewed for; however, to find out more about how to prepare, read our interview hints section.

Do you check references without first asking candidates?

No, we always obtain explicit permission before contacting references.

Do you use third-party recruitment agencies?

We recruit the majority of our people directly; however, we may occasionally use recruitment agencies on case to case basis.

Do you check medical records?

Medical clearance is required before an offer can be finalized.

ABB will pay any associated costs and under no circumstances are candidates expected to pay. We do not carry out genetic tests.

If I am not successful, will I get feedback?

We give direct and honest feedback to candidates who have been interviewed, explaining the reasons why they were not selected. 

Has anyone ever sent out fraudulent job offers in ABB's name?

Some people have received what they thought were genuine offers of employment from ABB via e-mail but which turned out to be fraudulent.

"Phishing", as this type of fraud is known, is an e-mail scam targeting many businesses worldwide. The senders are generally trying to obtain personal and/or bank information. They may also be trying to extract money for processing the job application or costs related to "work permits" or "visa working papers".

These e-mails can look authentic: They may have our company logo or convincing details about your personal information taken from your social networking pages. However, these e-mails have no connection with ABB, nor do we use these methods as part of the recruitment process.

For more information read the Recruitment fraud warning.

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