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Keynote presentation

How the world is changing and what manufacturers need to do about it

The world we grew up in is not the world that’s ahead of us. And a changing world will require changed behavior for manufacturers who want to remain competitive and exploit new opportunities. 

Richard Worzel is one of today’s leading futurists, and in this presentation he will outline some of the major changes ahead and suggest how organizations might need to respond, including:

  • Who will lead the global economy? Over the past 30 years, China has stormed into position as the second largest economy and has transformed manufacturing worldwide. Yet, China has a major disadvantage that is not generally discussed, and other countries are emerging to challenge the established companies of America, Europe, and China. Where will this competition come from, and how should companies prepare so as to remain competitive?

  • The rate of change in technology is not only accelerating, but the rate of acceleration is increasing. As a result, the changes of the next 10 years will be as profound and unsettling as those we’ve experienced over the past 20-30 years. What are these changes likely to be, and what can be done to turn them to competitive advantages?

  • We are in the midst of major demographic shifts that will transform who works for, and runs, your organization. This has major implications for teamwork, innovation, ingenuity and competitiveness. Those organizations that can find synergies in these changes will have a measurable advantage over those that cling to their traditional operating structures.

  • Climate change is remaking the economics of industry. Those who are early adopters of these changes will have lower fixed overheads and a real cost advantage over those competitors who lag behind. What changes are possible, and why are they critical for survival?

  • Governments are going to experience unprecedented financial pressures as the result of the aging boomers retiring. In turn, this will have significant implications for government regulation and investments in infrastructure that will affect all aspects of business, notably distribution, transportation and power.

You’ll come away with a greater sense of where we are going, what changes are coming, and how you should prepare for what’s ahead, as well as a set of futurist tools that can help you engineer the future you want.


Keynote speaker

Richard Worzel

Leading forecaster and futurist Richard Worzel is a Chartered Financial Analyst and best-selling author of Who Owns Tomorrow?. Richard is also a frequent media commentator on business and economic trends.

Richard challenges businesses to examine the future and plan for the dizzying changes to come. He helps organizations identify the major forces that will affect their business as well as their personal lives and provides insights on leveraging upcoming transformations, Richard identifies factors that will have dramatic implications for manufacturing in the near future, working through possible scenarios, contingencies, and the development of effective plans and strategies.

Richard Worzel