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Making data: Sources and strategies

Asset management track

Analytics—and all its attendant benefits—starts with data, but where to begin?

We’ll start this session with a review of the “Five V’s of data:” volume, velocity, veracity, variety and value. Next we’ll consider different sources and types of data, and we’ll talk about the various devices that generate it.

Attendees will leave with a better understanding of what’s available so they can craft a data acquisition strategy that works for them.


Jeff Barker

Jeff Barker has been with ABB for 20 years.
  • Power Products Group - Business Development Manager
    • Asset Monitoring solutions for high voltage breaker applications
  • Power Systems Group – Marketing & Sales 
    • Substation Automation solutions within the power market which include RTU, Gateway, Protection and Control applications…
  • Process Automation Systems - Engineering and Account Management
    • Control system background for industrial applications, which include Pulp & Paper, Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Metals & Mining, Waste Water…
  • University of Maine, Orono, ME (1993)
    • B.Sc. Electrical Engineering Technology

Dr. Luiz Cheim

Dr Luiz Cheim has been an R&D Consultant Engineer with ABB TRES NA since 2009, having over 30 years’ experience in the industry. His major activities are in the development of power transformers condition assessment tools and performance models, as well as the development and implementation of new sensors technologies. Dr. Cheim has filed for seven patents over the last five years, including the Dynamic Transformer Management Program – DTMP as part of ABB Asset Health Center together with Ventyx.

Luiz is the Task Force leader of the ongoing Cigre-Paris SCA2.44 Working Group on Intelligent Transformers. 

Dr. Cheim holds a PhD in Electrical & Electronic Engineering from The University of Nottingham, England.

Randy Schrieber

Marketing & Sales Manager for ABB’s North American Power Services business.

Randy is responsible for guiding the growth and development of ABB’s life cycle service offerings for power equipment. This includes the development and support of risk assessments for aging infrastructure and the remediation options to cost effectively maintain system reliability and predictability.

His areas of expertise include:
  • T&D product application, production and maintenance
  • Reliability evaluation of equipment and power systems
  • Risk assessment and asset management optimization
  • Power equipment upgrades and life extension