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Regulatory compliance track

Compliance has many faces, and we’ll get to know several of them in this track. Worker safety, system reliability and even the efficiency of certain pieces of equipment are subject to enforceable performance standards. We’ll also pay particular attention to physical and cyber security issues in light of recent news-making events.


Distribution regs a-changin’: safety and efficiency

OSHA has issued new requirements for arc flash and other hazards. 

We’ll go beyond the nuts and bolts of compliance to discuss how utilities can encourage a culture of safety. What technologies and specifications will reduce risk and protect utility employees? We’ll also spend some time on the Department of Energy’s new efficiency standards for dry-type transformers set to take effect in 2016.

After Metcalf: Physical substation security

Two years after the headlines, what are the takeaways from PG&E’s experience? 

Join us for an update direct from the source. We’ll broaden the security conversation with a look at how London fortified its electrical system, and we’ll examine how technology can protect critical substation assets from terrorists.

NERC CIP: Enterprise software edition

Enterprise software systems are increasingly vital, so how should utilities go about securing them from hackers and cyber terrorists? 

This session will provide attendees with an overview of the current state of cyber security within the context of NERC CIP requirements. We’ll also drill down to explore one solution for improving the substation’s digital infrastructure with mesh communications.

Fines aren’t fine: Improving outage management

Dig into the details in this informative session. We’ll start with a review of reporting metrics (SAIDI, SAIFI, etc.) and move quickly into avoiding penalties with faster restoration. Find out how technologies can enhance situational awareness, provide automated reporting and streamline mobile workforce management. The goal: a comprehensive outage lifecycle management capability.

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